How can ice cream be healthy?

Reason why: This healthy strawberry ice cream is good for your health because there was no sugar added to it and it will help you to stop craving for unhealthy ice creams or food.

The next time you crave for any ice cream flavors and stop eating your favorite food or desert just remember that you can create your own healthy home made ice cream flavors or healthy food recipes.

Here are the steps where you will understand why is this ice cream flavor so healthy and won’t be unhealthy if you follow these steps and create your own home made ice cream.

At the same time you will learn these simple steps to make your own ice cream flavor. All you need is the basic directions and you can add any other sort of fruits.

We have a healthy alternative for you!

Follow these simple steps:


Step 1: Add 2 Cups of frozen strawberries and bananas in a blender

Step 2: 1/2 of Greek yogurt

Step 3: Juice one lemon

Step 4: 2 tbs of honey

Step 5: 1/2 cup milk

Step 6: Topped it off with some chia seeds


We are all limitless!


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